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Hi and welcome to Ilogic Systems AB

We are selling head-guards to athletes, elderly and toddlers.

The person behind this webshop is me Stefan Ekmark
As a fotball player in the 80´s I suffered a number of concussion which has had an impact on my life in later years. As a coach for my kids later on I saw a number of children each year that were concussed and/or recieved other head traumas. So I began to think of inventing a headguard. But to my relief I soon found out that there already were others who had both invented and made proper testings on head guards. Mostly in the US who has been more proactive and have made more studies in and around concussions in sports.

So 7-8 years ago we started to import and sell head-guards to you who have a need for one. If you have questions or want to talk to me about our products please use below contact details:

Ilogic Systems AB
Stefan Ekmark Parkbacken 5 Box 20, 47551 Källö-Knippla
Phone +46 738 018921 | Email: 

Take good care of your brain

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